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Thank you for choosing YMCA Camp Ingersoll! Camp is a wonderful and enriching experience for your campers. In order to help prepare you and your campers we have put together some of the top suggestions from parents and staff to help make this the Best Summer Ever!


Before Camp -

During Camp -

Check Paperwork - carefully look thorough your statement to make sure that the sessions, programs and transportation info are all correct. Take a few minutes to read through the Parent Handbook to familiarize yourself with our camp’s policies and procedures

Ask Questions - Try asking specific question such as, “what special activity did you have today? What are the names of the new friends you are making in your group? Tell me about your counselor?” These specific questions will help spark a discussion and you’ll learn much more about your child’s day

Share Camp Memories - In the weeks leading up to camp, tell your children about your own summer camp memories to get them excited about their adventure. If possible show them your old camp photos or scrap book.

Share Camp Memories - In the weeks leading up to camp, tell your children about your own summer camp memories to get them excited about their adventure. If possible show them your old camp photos or scrap book.

Label Everything -  There are a lot of Red Sox and a lot of Yankee caps in our lost & found each summer. The only chance we have of getting these prized possessions back to their owner is if they are labeled with a first and last name.

Come to Family Nights - Coming to a camp family night lets your camper know that their experiences are important. All Family Nights are the first Thursday of a session so that you have more of an opportunity to get to know and interact with your child’s counselor. Click Here to see the dates.

Call Us - Campers often feel a little homesick or depressed when they are home and tired from a long day at camp. If you are ever concerned about how your camper is doing at camp, please call us. We will be sure to look into it and help in any way we can. 

Breakfast & Lunch - Campers need lots of energy! Please make sure your camper has a nutritious breakfast each morning. Furthermore, we recommend packing them a healthy well balanced lunch. If you are interested in our SUBWAY lunch program, please click here for more details. 

After Camp -

Keep In Touch -  We know that your child will make new friends. Because of shared experiences, summer camp friends often form a very close relationship. We encourage you to have your camper try to stay in touch with their summer friends throughout the school year. 

Evaluations and Comments -  We are always trying to make improvements to camp and our program. Your input and suggestions help us to do that. At the end of each summer we send out a survey and we appreciate you taking the time to fill it out. We are always looking for ways to better ourselves and our program. 

Bus Information

Bussing is a convenience to some families, but a necessity to others. We plan to enlist eight daily buses that will bring campers to and from Ingersoll. During registration, families will choose an AM and PM transportation option: bussing, AM or PM care, AM and PM Care, or parent pick up. The bus fee will be $30, per camper, per session. The fee is waived for families that qualify for Tier D- Open Doors Financial Assistance.


Riding the bus is a privilege. Monitors will inform camp and parents of any issues on the bus (teasing, bullying, inappropriate language or touching, etc.). Constant behavioral issues, or substantial safety issues, will result in loss of bus riding privileges.


Bussing is available on a first come first serve basis. Our primary method of communication about specific bus delays is the email you provide during registration. We also use our Facebook page to notify families if all buses are departing camp more than 5 minutes late. Below is a brief explanation of the bus policy that each of our bus monitors follow. An extensive bus policy can be found in our Parent Handbook and Parent Agreement that must be signed during registration. You will be emailed a copy after you have completed registration.


AM Bus:

We will introduce Bus Monitors (along with adjusted policies / procedures / expectations) via email prior to the first day of the session. They will arrive early (15 minutes) to the first stop on the first day of the session in order to complete the current bus procedure. Please note that morning buses leave the stop at the time listed on the pre-session email to make sure everyone arrives to camp on time.


PM Bus:

If parents would like change how their campers get home, they must provide a note, or call camp prior to 3:00pm. Unless campers have written permission to “Wait Unattended”, all campers will be signed off the bus by their parent / guardian or an approved emergency contact. All adults picking up campers should bring their photo ID with them every single day. A bus will only wait 5 minutes past the stop time. Parents will then have to pick up at the next stop or at Camp Ingersoll.

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