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"The feeling that I mattered, that's what I loved most about camp. All of my best memories of camp stem from this emotion. In a time when for nine months, I did not attend a single birthday party and I ate alone ever lunch, it drilled into my head the idea that I didn't matter. I'm so grateful that I had three months every year that helped remind me that I did matter, that I was important, that I mattered enough to make people want to remember my name."


      - Former Camper and Camp Counselor

For nearly 60 years, children from throughout the region have been experience the joy of a Camp Ingersoll experience. Generations of young people have written a chapter of their lives at Ingersoll. Stories filled with lifelong friendships and personal growth serve as a foundation for future success. Camp Ingersoll is a community treasure that must be preserved for generations to come. 

To ensure that children for generations to come are able to write their own Camp Ingersoll story, we are excited to announce our newly established Friends of Ingersoll Fund. These funds will be used to repair, restore, and transform our camp facilities. 

Over the next five years, the Friends of Ingersoll Fund will provide expansions or renovations to existing facilities to ensure that Camp Ingersoll is sustainable for the future. Beginning with the climbing wall, new elements and re-facing will ensure that our campers can reach new heights. While this fund will support the renovations of many parts of camp that are visible to the eye, it is also important for our less visible investments which include environmental upgrades. 

Friends of Ingersoll Image 2.jpg


 by Summer 2020

" We cannot adequately thank you enough for once again providing our son with a camp experience unlike any other! His third grade school year was a difficult one, leaving him feeling anxious and out of sorts. YCI has made a tremendous difference in my son's life; restored his confidence, reduced his anxiety and gave him a positive outlook to start his fourth grade year off right!"

                                                                                                                                               - Parent of a Camper

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