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Camp Road
  • Aesthetics and Safety

  • Regraded and resurfaced road from family swim beach to long house hill

  • The surface is now packed dirt and stone without huge pot holes or cracks

Old Road.jpg
New Road.jpg
Corbin/Arts & Crafts
  • Programming

  • Renovated the interior

  • Took down loft and separating wall

  • Put up dry wall, shiplap on ceiling, new lighting and fans

  • Replaced missing or damaged shakes on outside and repainted

Old Corbin.jpg
New Corbin.jpg
Old Kiddy Camp Renovations
  • Converted both unused cabins into usable program space

  • New lighting, closed walls and ceiling, added windows.

  • Left Cabin is used for Arts and Crafts Camp 

  • Right Cabin used as Media Cabin and Older's Skill Clinics

New KK Buildings.jpg
Old KK Buildings.jpg
Erosion Control
  • Back bladed sand on Family Swim Beach

  • Added curtain drains to the top of family swim beach and on road going to camp beach

  • Filled drainage run off main driveway with rip rap as well as runoff on the side of corbin beach

  • Added large stone to runoff areas of picnic grove and corbin. 

  • Built retaining wall across from bathouse and below corbin beach deck

Bathhouse Staircase
  • Demoed and rebuilt staircase going from bathhouse to beach

  • Was a volunteer project so only coast was materials

Old Bathouse Stairs.jpg
New Bathhouse Stairs.jpg
Cabana Demolition
  • Demoed Cabana at top of family swim beach

  • New covered pavilion will be erected in place

Cabana Demo.jpg
Corbin Beach Deck
  • Erected deck level with road

  • Space for low energy activities as well as lunch

  • Will also prevent erosion in area

New Corbin Beach Deck.jpg
Golf Cart/Riding Mower/Security Cameras
  • Allows us to be more self-sufficient and rely/spend less on vendors

  • Cameras have caught vehicles and police have followed up.

  • Mower saves after two cuttings in 2018

  • Golf Cart Saved midway through Summer 2018

The Amphitheater Shell
  • Three walls and a roof with a handicap ramp for accessibility

  • Provides more of a focal point for assemblies

  • Shelter from elements and ability to use for programming

Snow Amp.jpg
Basketball Pavilion
  • Concrete pad underneat 4 ft walls extending from the roof to provide shelter from the elements

  • New Docks. Plastic. Lifetime Warrantee

  • Foam was deteriorating from old docks as animals lived in many sections during the offseason

  • Do not have to worry about heat, sharp corners, twisted metal, or animals

  • Can be left in year round

New Waterfront.jpg
Maintenance Barn
  • Provides a designated area for all tools Saves time and money while offering working space

Corbin Renovation
  • Replaced rotting boards by entrances

  • Replaced all light fixtures and added fans

  • Replaced outside shakes, scraped and painted exterior

  • Enclosed interior studs with insulation

  • Added gutters to deck side of building

  • Re-evaluated shingle integrity after moss fall off

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